02 June 2021

First Look at Matthew in ‘Why Women Kill’

Why Women Kill premieres tomorrow, June 3rd on Paramount+. I have added photos of Matthew from the promotional shoot as well as episode stills from the first 2 episodes to the gallery! Enjoy!

28 August 2019

‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3B Episode Stills + Screencaptures

Hello Matthew fans! I have finally added the remaining episode stills and screen captures from the second half of the third season of Shadowhunters! Enjoy!

21 June 2017

Shadowhunters: 2.15 “A Problem with Memory” Episode Stills

Episode stills from the 15th episode of the second season of Shadowhunters titled “A Problem with Memory” have been released. Check out the HQ stills in our gallery and read the synopsis below. Looks like this episode will be filled with Malec scenes.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “A Problem with Memory” – Simon goes down a dark path while Alec and team prepares to transport Valentine in “A Problem of Memory,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters” airing Monday, July 10th at 8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT.

10 February 2017

Shadowhunters: 2.06, 2.08, 2.09 Episode Stills

I have updated the gallery with HQ episode stills from episodes 2.06, 2.08, and 2.09 of Shadowhunters. Enjoy!

28 January 2017

Shadowhunters: 2.07 “How Are Thou Fallen” Episode Stills

I have added ten HQ episode stills of Matt from the 7th episode of this season of Shadowhunters titled “How Are Thou Fallen” to the gallery!

18 January 2017

Shadowunters: 2.05 “Dust and Shadows” Episode Stills

I have added HQ episode stills of Matt in the the 5th episode of Shadowhunters, Dust and Shadows to the gallery. Enjoy!

11 January 2017

Shadowhunters: 2.04 “Day of Wrath” Episode Stills

I have added HQ episode stills from the 4th episode of Shadowhunters, “Day of Wrath” to the gallery! Enjoy.

25 December 2016

Shadowhunters: 2.02 “A Door Into the Dark” Episode Stills

Hi everyone! I’m very sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy the past few weeks and haven’t had proper time to work on the site. I’ll slowly be catching up with everything for Shadowhunters that comes back next week!

I have added HQ episode stills from the second episode of the second season of Shadowhunters, “A Door Into the Dark” to the gallery. Enjoy!

08 October 2016

Inside Shadowhunters Season 2

TV Insider has given us some more episode stills from the upcoming of Shadowhunters! Check out the HQ pics in the gallery!

07 October 2016

Shadowhunters season 2: Exclusive first look promises more Malec

EW.COM – When Shadowhunters ended its first season, Magnus and Alec had shared their first kiss, but not much else. The good news? That leaves a lot to be explored in season 2.

EW has an exclusive first look at a Malec moment from season 2, which picks up just moments after the season 1 finale. “We don’t miss a beat between the finale and the premiere,” showrunner Todd Slavkin tells EW. Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, best known for Smallville, are new to the show this season, taking over the series from Ed Decter, who helmed season 1.

Speaking specifically about what’s in store for Malec, Slavkin says: “Because of the complications in the end of season 1 and Jace now being gone, we get to really show the evolution of the relationship from the beginning. They’ve got to learn to know each other and we get to follow that path.

“They’re from such two different worlds — one’s a warlock, one’s a shadowhunter. One is super experienced and has lived for centuries and has bedded many, many, many men and women, and here’s Alec, who is a young lad who’s just leaping into the world of relationships. We thought it was great in season 1, and it’s a relationship that we’re deeply invested in and has such interesting potential.”

Shadowhunters returns to Freeform in 2017.

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