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Matthew Daddario Tells Us His Secrets And Impersonates Dom

FREEFORM – We sat down with Matthew Daddario to find out all of his secrets!

A lot of his answers were very similar to Dominic’s…their bromance is beautiful. Watch the video below to learn about his favorite book, first kiss, and what job he’d have if he wasn’t acting. This is…Matt!

Shadowhunters Season 2 “Returns in June” Promo

Shadowhunters: 2.10 “By The Light of Dawn” Promo

Shadowhunters: 2.09 “Bound by Blood” Promo

Shadowhunters: 2.08 “Love Is a Devil” Promo

Shadowhunters: 2.07 “How Are Thou Fallen” Promo

Shadowhunters: 2.06 “Iron Sisters” Promo

Shadowhunters: 2.05 “Dust and Shadows” Promo

Shadowhunters: 2.04 “Day of Wrath” Promo

Matthew Visits AOL Build

Matthew Visits AOL Build

Back on Monday, Matthew visited AOL Build with Alberto Rosende to talk about the new season of Shadowhunters. I’ve added high quality photos to the gallery! You can watch the interview below.

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