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Shadowhunters 1×03 Sneak Peek: Alec & Izzy

Shadowhunters: 1.02 “The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy” Screencaptures

I have added HD logolesss screencaptures of Matt from the second episode of “The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy” to the gallery!

Shadowhunters: 1.03 “Dead Man’s Party” Promo

Shadowhunters: 1.01 “The Mortal Cup” Screencaptures

The first episode of Shadowhunters aired last night and it was amazing! I have added HD logoless screencaptures of Matt as Alec to the gallery!

Shadowhunters: 1.02 “The Descent Into Hell Is Easy” Promos

Shadowhunters: 1.04 “Raising Hell” Episode Stills

I have added high quality episode stills of Dom from the fourth episode of Shadowhunters, “Raising Hell” to the gallery!

“Shadowhunters” Cast Fill Out Characters’ Dating Profile

Shadowhunters: 1.03 “Dead Man’s Party” BTS & Episode Stills

Behind the scenes photos and episode stills have been released from the third episode of Shadowhunters, “Dead Man’s Party.” You can read the synopsis for the episode below and check out high quality photos from the episode in the gallery!

With Simon being held captive at The Hotel DuMort, Clary pleads with Jace, Alec and Isabelle to help her rescue her best friend. As the team readies for the mission, Jace helps Clary learn more about her Shadowhunter powers, Isabelle turns to her favorite Seelie for Intel, and Alec begins to question Jace’s motives and his place in their partnership. Meanwhile, a very scared Simon gets very up close and personal with Camille, the leader of the vampire clan.

‘Shadowhunters’ B-Roll Footage from ‘The Mortal Cup’

The cast of Shadowhunters describes the show in 30 seconds

EW.COM – If you thought your life was complicated, you should really talk to Clary Fray. The protagonist of the upcoming series Shadowhunters, based on the Mortal Instruments books, discovers on her 18th birthday that not only is there a Shadow World full of supernatural beings, but she’s a half-angel, half-human who’s destined to protect the world from demons. Or at least, that’s where her journey begins.

For the rest of the story, we turned to Shadowhunters cast members Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), Dominic Sherwood (Jace Wayland), Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis), Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle Lightwood), Matthew Daddario (Alec Lightwood), Isaiah Mustafa (Luke Garroway), and Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus Bane), who attempted to describe the plot of their show in 30 seconds.

Shadowhunters premieres Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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